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About Me - Kelly Field

My approach is humanistic and integrative, and my style is embodied, relational and creative. Alongside Gestalt, I also draw from disciplines like Psychodynamic, Existential, Neuroscience, Somatic and Sensorimotor therapies to meet and support the different situations my clients present. I understand the significance of the mind-body connection in healing and how important the therapeutic relationship is  for nourishing the safety necessary for this to happen. I am especially focussed on using embodiment and creative methods in a whole systems approach to therapy; issues of culture and difference; and the role of therapy in the service of social justice and equality. I am trauma-informed, attachment-focused, and deeply committed to antiracist, anti-oppressive practice. I am an ally and an LGBTQA+ and neurodivergent-affirming therapist.

I support clients facing a range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, work-related stress, relationship difficulties, sexuality issues, body image and eating disorders as well as bereavement/loss.

Kelly Field Hackney Therapist
Lying in Green Field

I specialise in working with individuals who have endured various forms of trauma, including childhood sexual abuse, emotional neglect, domestic abuse, bullying, psychological abuse, including gaslighting and narcissistic abuse, as well as developmental, racial, and transgenerational trauma. 

You may identify as a survivor or an HSP (highly sensitive person) who experiences overwhelming feelings more acutely than others. Perhaps you are struggling with panic attacks, chronic pain, intrusive and/or suicidal thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares.

Maybe you have a diagnosis of bi-bolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD/EUPD), generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), PTSD or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I am committed to helping you navigate the bewildering effects of trauma and to providing the tools necessary to regulate your nervous system.

Being able to empathise and truly grasp the predicament of individuals without judgment is at the very core of what I do. 

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