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GSRD Neuro Affirmative


I work with a diverse client group from an affirmative perspective to deliver the highest quality of support. My approach is intersectional, meaning that I appreciate that people have interconnected social identities such as ethnicity, age, class, ability etc. in addition to gender and/or sexual identity. 


As a therapist, I understand my role is to be empathic and non-judgemental of experiences that are divergent from mainstream norms, without making assumptions; and in order to not make assumptions, I need to do a lot of work to explore and challenge my own unconscious biases.


I strive to provide trusted, non-judgemental support for people who identify as  lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, asexual, intersex and anyone who identifies as gender, sex, or relationship diverse.


I also understand that neurodiversity is a part of human diversity that does not need fixing. I tend to think of autism as being its own unique culture. And, as with all of my culturally diverse clients, I don’t pathologise your culture. I want to understand your culture, not change it.


By taking an affirmative approach I consider each client to be the expert of their own experience and hold space for the good and bad that comes with this. I let GSRD and neurodivergent communities lead the way in determining the most appropriate language, treatment intervention, and resources rather than telling them what they need based on neurotypical and mono/cis/heteronormative expectations.

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