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About Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that embraces a holistic understanding of individuals and their unique circumstances, and it can benefit those encountering severe mental health challenges as well as those seeking support with the relationships/events in their lives and with their self-empowerment journeys.


In Gestalt Therapy, clients are not perceived as deficient or lacking in ability; rather, they are viewed as individuals who have adapted to their situations in the best way possible. Often, it is these adaptations that need to be updated to reduce the emotional suffering.

By focusing on your history and experiences in relation to how you show up in the present, I help you navigate life's challenges with greater awareness, so that you can begin to make conscious choices that more effectively address the tensions and dilemmas in your relationships and sense of self.  This often involves diving deep into your thought patterns, behaviours, conflicting emotions, paradoxes, meanings, imagery, and metaphors, while addressing your unique concerns and issues.

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