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Individual Therapy

The distinction between psychotherapy and counselling is a topic of debate. In Gestalt, counselling is considered an undergraduate field, while psychotherapy is a post-graduate profession, where the training is nearly twice as long as that for counsellors. 


While counselling tends to focus on a particular issue/situation, psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to explore your life and relationships with others by gaining deep insights into your abilities, difficulties, motivations, and concerns.


The therapy I offer is comprised of both counselling and psychotherapy and this approach allows me to support you in reaching your desired destination at a pace that suits you. This journey is influenced by various factors, including your mindset, self-awareness, insight into patterns and processes, resilience, personality, past traumas, unresolved issues, lifestyle, and goals for our work together.


Our collaboration involves ongoing dialogue to understand your current position, what resonates with you, what challenges you, and how you engage with our therapeutic relationship.

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Individual therapy usually takes place once a week for 50-minutes and it can be either:


  • Brief (6 to 12 sessions) – more structured and focused on solving the identified problem or situation.

  • Long-term– open-ended work that may last for a few months and sometimes even a few years.

  • Deep dive (90-minutes) – extended one-off sessions aimed at getting to the core of your situation and addressing the barriers to your healing and happiness. These sessions are often very useful for gaining clarity and determining the next steps in your journey.


My fee is a sliding scale from £60 - £95 for 50-minute sessions and £120-150 for 90-minutes deep dive sessions.


25% of my practice is sliding scale/low cost for people who genuinely can't afford the full fee. These spaces are generally full, with a waiting list of a few months, but you are welcome to enquire.


I’m not signed up with health insurance companies, however many clients have been able to be reimbursed by their  providers when discussed before beginning therapy, I am happy to provide an email/letter. 

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