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A Gestalt group provides a supportive space where individuals can delve into personal issues alongside like-minded people who share a curiosity for self-understanding and diverse life experiences. Typically consisting of around 12 participants, these group sessions offer valuable opportunities to:


Engage your imagination and tap into creative resources within yourself.


Increase self-awareness by gaining deeper insights into your fixed ways of relating to yourself and others.


Discover the strategies and patterns you have developed to navigate your life and evaluate their relevance and effectiveness.


Engage with challenging emotions such as anger, fear, and vulnerability, fostering growth and resilience.


Develop skills in offering and receiving constructive feedback, enriching your understanding of your own personal journey and that of others.

Kelly Field

Discover the power of the group to challenge the patterns and assumptions holding you back.

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centre for better health

I have a new group beginning in September at the Centre for Better Health in Hackney. For more details, please visit their website.

Devon & Cornwall Police

I am currently involved in the roll out of an ambitious cultural change programme with the Devon and Cornwall Police, designed to reduce discrimination with an emphasis on racism, but also to help reduce other forms of discrimination such as misogyny and homophobia.


For more information please visit their website.

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